Program Guide & Orientation Handbook 


The Program on Global Policy and Governance prepares tomorrow’s policy leaders on the policy and institutional issues at the heart of global governance. Through summer internships and intensive, one-week courses, you will be able to access leading Geneva-based institutions, advance your career, and deepen your understanding of today’s international system and its potential.

As program participants, the following resources have been developed for your acclimation,integration, peer sharing, and reflection. The 2016 Geneva  Program Guide & Orientation handbook provides resources for program participants at three different stages of program participation:

  1. Pre-departure (spring 2016)
  2. In Geneva (summer 2016)
  3. Alum of the program (late summer 2016 and beyond)

The Program Guide & Orientation Handbook is broken down into different thematic pages for your convenience.


To learn more about your future home, click on the  Geneva page. Here you can read about Swiss culture, local laws, link to local Geneva sites, and get the Geneva basics.


For a general introduction and preparation for your departure, please click on Packing and Housing page. This page will provide you with information on what to bring, a packing list, electronics, and housing options.

PACKING & HOUSING (arrival & settling-in)

The Packing & Housing page provides info on health & safety, cellphones, banking, transportation, shopping, groceries, bike rentals, fitness and more in Switzerland.


To learn more about Passport and VISA procedures, please check out the sub-page under Packing & Housing page.


Throughout the course of your summer, you will participate in numerous social and programmatic events that supplement your internships and course work, so click on Event Info for the most up to date details for webinars, special events, panels, and social gatherings.


Your professional development is an essential objective of the program and is supported throughout your experience as a program participant. From support in landing your dream internship; To being successful in Geneva and deepening your learning and professional deliverables, and finally; Learning how to leverage this experience and insights for future research, networking, and professional opportunities. The  Professional Tips & Resources page provides resources for you throughout the three stages of the program and are supplemented through additional career programs, optional  workshops, panels, and coaching while in Geneva.


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