Professional Tips & Resources

Program Presentations and Webinars

  1. Create a Strong Profile- Get those CVs, Letters of Interest, and LinkedIn profiles Geneva ready (January 22, 2016 – Noon EST)
  2. You’ve Landed an Interview- Now What? (February 19, 2016 – Noon EST)
  3. Geneva Orientation: Prepping, Packing and Making Home in the Land of Cheese and Chocolate (April 15, 2016 EST)

Assess your values, interests, strengths and personality

Writing a Resume

  • Writing a Resume from Duke University Career Center
  • SampleResume (showing format requested)
  • TIPS for Geneva internships: I would highly recommend including languages spoken, cross-cultural competence, and remember to highlight your editing, drafting, and research skills (in English and other languages if relevant).

Cover letter/Letter of Interest

  • Sample GENERAL Cover Letter
    • Please use the same heading (format) as your resume.
    • Include your dates of availability.
    • Include that you are a Duke Global Policy and Governance program participant.

Interview TIPS

  1. Research the Organization/Department: review the website, job description, and google the names of the individuals that will conduct your interview, as well as others that work in the org/department.
  2. Can you find your potential “future” internship supervisor on LinkedIn? Learn more about their background and experiences.
  3. If there is information on the work of past interns on the website, review to get a sense of their responsibilities.
  4. If you are not a native English speaker, you may wish to see if it is possible to have a Skype call versus a telephone interview.
  5. Test yourself and practice the interview questions listed below.
  6. Conduct your own personal audit and be prepared to discuss them:
    • What skills/expertise/know-how do you have for the specific internship?
    • What can you contribute?
    • Why are you interested in this particular internship?
    • How does this relate to your future studies/research/professional development?


Practical Points Before an Interview

  1. If you have a Skype Interview:
    • Make sure you are in a location with good wifi and professional background
    • Dress professionally
    •  Be aware of background noise
    • Make sure that you calculate the time difference
    • If you have a silly photo for your Skype profile, time to use a professional image
  2. If you have a Phone Interview:
    • Make sure you are in a quiet space and that you are using a phone/mobile with good reception
    • Be aware of background noise
    • Make sure that you calculate the time difference
    • Find out if you can get the names and titles of everyone who will be on the phone interview with you prior to your call

Professional Etiquette


Staying connected after your internship

  1. After you’ve completed your internship – STAY in TOUCH!
  2. Connect on LinkedIn to your supervisor and other colleagues.
  3. Send a follow-up thank you at the completion of your internship. A “hand-written” note is a nice and memorable gesture.
  4. Some interns have continued to volunteer their time and expertise to on-going projects. We know that these relationships have often led to short-term consultancies and other potential professional leads.
  5. Stay connected to the Duke Global Policy and Governance alumni group for professional development tips, suggestions, and job postings.

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